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Learn the secrets to fast Google rankings with online training & in person SEO Courses.

Please be aware our February & March 2017 courses have sold out. You can register your interest for our next course here.

Registration is free and does not commit you to purchasing or attending the course.

SEO Courses across the UK

Updated April 2017!

The most complete and comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation course ever produced.

Learn the secrets to successful SEO from one of the UK’s leading Sales & Marketing experts, and increase your exposure and revenue today!

Keyword Research & Internet Marketing Training

Learn the secrets to killer keyword research!

Discover the secret methods to identifying the key phrases that generate sales and convert leads!

Get to grips with tools like Moz, ahrefs and majestic SEO and use them identify key phrases and link opportunities.

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of SEO and getting it right can be the difference between success & failure!

Our one day course covers the basics, the next steps and the advanced keyword research skills that you need to make your SEO campaign a success!


Algorithm Updates

Understanding how Google works is the key to dominating the SERP’s.

We provide clear explanations on the Google updates as well helping you to understand what your visitors need to help you rank better.

Discover how to use TrustRank to take your site up the natural listing and increase your conversion rates.

On Page SEO

Our best SEO practices training will provide you with a complete onsite masterclass.

78% of websites we studied would not pass an SEO audit in full!

Don’t make the same mistakes your competitors are. Our industry leading SEO audit can provide you with an actionable checklist that you can implement straight away.

Pick up your personal SEO Action Plan at your training course.


Health Check

Sometimes it’s hard to know what is the best SEO for small business. Learn to look after your website like a true webmaster!

Become a Google genius with our Google analytics course!

We’ve dedicated a whole section to helping you become a Google genius, having the confidence to make the onsite changes you need to in order to make sure your site stays healthy!

Offsite SEO & Link Building

Backlinks are still the number one ranking factor, and with our best SEO training, you can learn the secrets to building high authority links!

Learn to use the latest online tools to identify link opportunities and begin to build an extensive back link profile.

We will reveal the secrets to successful outreach and how you can dominate the rankings.

Not all links are created equal, and we will show you a complete link building strategy!

Local SEO & Maps

Local Search Results have become more important than ever!

Are you being found locally?

Do you know the local ranking factors that could be preventing your site from being found by potential customers?

We provide a step-by-step guide to help you not only get found in the local search results but also to develop your local portfolio and develop more sales!

Technical SEO

Technical SEO can be tricky!

Having the confidence and understanding to make the technical onsite SEO changes you need to is more important than ever.

Don’t make the mistake of outsourcing work without first understanding it.

Take the technical SEO challenge and receive your FREE audit at the live event!

Please be aware our February & March 2017 courses have sold out. You can register your interest for our next course here.

Registration is free and does not commit you to purchasing or attending the course.

All you need to know, about SEO!

Less than 7% of people visit the second page of the major search results!

If you’re not on the first page, you might as well be on page 10!

If you’re a small business owner or work within the marketing industry, being able to manage your website and increase your exposure has never been more important.

Our exclusive one-day SEO course has been designed to give you the secrets to achieving success online.

From learning how to identify the keywords that are going to generate you the most business through to implementing a full Search Engine Optimisation strategy, this is the most comprehensive SEO training course available.

From start to finish, this one-day SEO training course is packed with tactics, tools, tips and case studies and is 100% interactive giving you the answers you need to dominate the Google Rankings!

SEO Training Brain

Our One Day SEO Training Courses Covers:

Morning Session


Understanding Search Engines
Google updates and the ever shifting goal posts!
Search quality guidelines
YOUR SEO strategy

Creating a plan of attack
Keyword research & planning – Outfoxing the competition
The tools of the trade
Goal setting – what do we actually want to achieve?
User experience and human indicators


Loading speeds – more than just a fast site
The cause of duplicate content
The pitfalls of site migration
Onsite local search indicators

Afternoon Session

Onsite SEO

Optimising metadata – the basics of SEO
Understanding structured data
Google Webmasters & Using your search console
Optimising content
The secrets to killer content!
Creating the perfect blog post!
Is your website letting you down?

Offsite SEO

White hat link building – strategies you need to know!
No one reads my blogs!
Social Media and SEO
Grey hat SEO – should you, shouldn’t you?
Content & Outreach

Please be aware our February & March 2017 courses have sold out. You can register your interest for our next course here.

Registration is free and does not commit you to purchasing or attending the course.

Huge Rewards!

Once you’ve completed our one-day SEO training course, you will have the skills to optimise your website and begin to generate increased revenues!

You will be able to use the tools that the SEO experts use and understand the strategies that are working for your competition.

You will also be able to action SEO strategies both on your website in a way that will generate you some amazing backlinks & increased traffic!

Finally, you will have the confidence to practice SEO focused website design, improving your customer’s experience and dramatically increasing your conversion rates.

On top of all of this, every course delegate receives:

  • FREE SEO master plan for ranking any site!
  • Digital copy of all the course materials
  • Our complete list of killers SEO tools
  • Get SEO certified with our course certification program!
  • FREE copy of our best-selling book The Complete SEO Guide 2017!

As we only run a limited number of these courses each year, tickets can sell out fast!

To find out when the next course is going to be run please register for our Ultimate SEO Course newsletter and be the first to find out the dates of the next course. Please be aware all of our Introduction to SEO courses have sold out we do have some dates available for our SEO for Photographers courses.

sold out courses

***Please be aware the February, March & May 2017 courses in London & Manchester have now sold out. September dates have just been announced please click the link above.**

  • I really want to attend one of your events but it’s always sold out?

    Our events typically sell out in a matter of hours due to the high-value content we provide our clients. If you would like to be notified of when the next event will be, please click here, and register for our events newsletter. Registration is free and does not commit you to purchasing or attending the course.

  • When was the last time the course was updated?

    We update our materials and the course completely whenever there is a major Google update, and at least once every six months. The last time we updated the course was April 2017. The digital course includes lifetime access and all updates are included.

  • How long is the training?

    The one day SEO Course is around 8 hours long but the day is broken up into four easy to digest sections. The online training is slightly longer with just over 14 hours of training; this is broken down into easy to watch videos, of around ten to twenty minutes. You can watch these whenever and however you want.

  • How much experience do I need?

    We’ve all heard of SEO for dummies! Well, our courses have been created for people who have little to some experience with SEO. That doesn’t mean that if you have a little more background knowledge it’s not worth attending our events or enrolling for the online courses. There is a significant amount of information for more advanced users, and with the online course, you can skip past earlier videos if you feel the need to.

  • Will we be able to cover everything I need to know about SEO?

    The short answer is yes, we will cover everything you NEED to know, but SEO is a constantly evolving subject, and as Google brings out updates it’s important to stay up to date with what’s going on so that your site stays within the best practice guidelines.

    We offer some smaller webinars throughout the year on subjects – most recently we provided a webinar on the Septemeber 2016 Google Penguin update. To find out when these webinars will be, please register your interest here.

  • Where are the courses held?

    Our courses take place close to major transport hubs in major cities across the country. In 2017 we aim to hold events in across the country in cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester, York, Milton Keynes & Bristol. Each of these courses will have a limited number of seats so we would advise registering here to be one of the first to find out the dates of these events.

  • I registered my interest but the event has sold out?

    Once you register your interest for one of our events we will email you with a date and time that tickets will be on sale. Tickets are then sold on a first come first sold basis.

    Most events normally sell out in the first hour, so it’s important to make sure that you if you want to attend one of our events to buy tickets when they go on sale.

    If there is an increase in ticket availability for an event then we will offer these first to the people who registered and missed out on the event.

  • Can I make changes to my site during the training?

    Unfortunately due to the fact that we cover a lot of information in each of these events, it’s not possible for clients to edit their sites during the training.

  • Is this training right for sole traders and small businesses?

    100% Yes! This training has been created with small businesses in mind but also for people who work in local authorities, charities and larger businesses looking to hone their SEO skills.

  • Are there any businesses or individuals that can’t attend this training?

    We only provide training to active businesses, charities, public or government organisations, sole traders and people looking to improve their SEO skills who work for any of the previous businesses.

    If we feel that a business isn’t legitimate or provides an unethical service, we will refuse a booking. This includes any site that is illegal in nature, provides pharmaceutical products or adult material, or acts as a gateway to another site.

  • What do I need to bring?

    We provide handouts and writing materials for all our events so you don’t need to bring too much with you.

    We also provide lunch which is always a plus.

  • How much does the course cost?

    Course fees vary slightly depending on the venue, to find out the pricing for our next event please register your interest and we will email you with all our event information including sale dates.

  • I can’t attend one of the events do you provide online SEO Classes?

    The short answers is no.

    For those that can’t attend an event, we would recommend talking to us about one-to-one SEO tuition or perhaps buying The Complete SEO Guide 2017 for an introduction to the industry.

    The good news is that we are currently in the process of putting together the most comprehensive online SEO course ever created! Sounds like a bold claim but we intend for the course to be well over 75 hours long and it will provide over the shoulder training material for our clients to follow.

Please be aware our February, March & May 2017 courses have sold out – We now have new dates in September. You can register your interest for our next course here.

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