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April 13, 2017

How one wedding photographer generated 12 new bookings though Facebook Ads (and how you can too!)

We all use Facebook,  right?

It’s one of the first places we go when we start the day, and for a lot of photographers, it’s a vital part of their business.

With so many people using Facebook experimenting with Facebook Ads can seem like a great idea!

But, how many of you have tried it and not one single enquiry?

Maybe Facebook Ads worked for you, but sadly for the vast majority of photographers, it was a colossal waste of time and money!

The reasons for this are simple!

  • You’re trying to tap into a passive audicance!
  • Without a connection to you your just another photographer!
  • You ads a like a scattergun shooting all over the place!

Even when you use demographics and interests such as recently engaged, female 25-45 your audience is still a passive one. You might as well be cold calling! In this case, the people who look at your ad have no emotional connection to your business and we’re also hoping they’ve not already found a photographer.

Over the last year, I’ve been working with Tim a photographer based in Kent to help him increase the conversions through his website and the results we’ve generated through Facebook Marketing have been eye opening! In the last year, Tim has generated an extra 12 wedding bookings through using the methods I’ve outlined below!

So what’s the secret to running successful Facebook Ads as a photographer? Well, there are two!


Tim’s Story

I had been working with Paul for several months and had achieved some great natural rankings but had played about with Facebook advertising a few times with little or no success. I happened to mention this to Paul during one of our chats and he asked if I was using retargeting or just blindly paying for ads. I had to admit it was later and together we set up a Facebook Pixel which allowed me to target brides to be on Facebook who had visited my site.

The campaign isn’t very expensive as I’m only targeting visitors and so far this year I’ve attracted 12 new bookings for weddings later on in this year and 2018. I just leave the ad running now and check on how much I’ve spent from time to time.

Paul is great for suggesting new ideas that can help my business grow and this one particular has been a no brainer.

Secret 1: Custom Audiences & Retargeting (The Holy Grail of Facebook Ads)

So you may or may not have heard of remarketing, but briefly, in the past, you had one chance to grab a brides attention. They hit your site, yay or nay and that was it. Remarketing is effectively a second chance to pitch yourself to potential clients and it’s the biggest missed opportunity in photography right now.

Imagine if every bride, groom or couple who visited your site was delivered a tailor-made advert direct to their phone or computer after they had visited your site!

What would you say to them?

In my own experiments, I’ve seen over a 20% increase in sales using this method of advertising.

Bonus Tip: Using Facebook Remarketing we can create a custom advert based on the behaviour of our clients! Here’s an example, I can set up an advert to target people who have visited my website, who went on my pricing page but then haven’t visited my contact page or filled in the contact form.

Here is an example of one of my ads re-targeting people who visit my blog. If you're reading this blog you might see this advert on Facebook sometime soon!

As a photographer that’s hugely powerful stuff, we can create an advert specifically for people who’s budget might be just under your pricing and we can re-pitch those couple. Maybe you might offer payment plans for those couples if their wedding is over 12 months away. Or you might offer a lower stripped-back package that’s not on your main pricing page.

I would just warn you not to get too salesey with your ads you don’t want to come across as cheap or desperate and there is an art to creating good adverts but that’s a subject of another post!

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Secret 2: Custom Landing Pages & Blogs

Ok, so this step can be used in two different ways.

The first step is creating a new loop within your site for potential clients.

A potential client visits your site, they don’t buy, we remarket to them based on their behaviour on Facebook. We then drive them to a new page aimed at their needs. Creating a stunning sales page at this stage can dramatically increase your sales, with each new landing page targeting a different buying motivation.

If a client visits your price page but not your contact page we can create a value page aimed at increasing the value of your service without lowering your prices. This could be with value extras or perhaps highlighting what makes you unique and emphasising the unique experience your clients are going to get. Or you can go down the price route with payment plans and discounts on certain dates etc.

We can then take this another step and create secondary ads for our potential couples. Creating adverts based on their behaviour on the previous round of advertising. A potential bride visits your site, visits you site but doesn’t visit your gallery. We can create an advert that includes your best image the one your most proud of, or better yet the one your previous brides think is the best. A well done advert will draw the user in, and with a good call to action we can then dive them to the contact page.

Well now we can create another advert for people who clicked on our show stopper, a picture lasts a lifetime advert, too a look at our showstopper gallery, visited our pricing page but didn’t contact us.

Now you can see where I’m going with this!

When I first started this form of marketing it took me a few weeks of trial and error to get a serious jump in conversions but with a bit of persistence, I am now seeing the sort of return on investment I’ve not seen before. As you can see from our work on Tim’s account when Facebook Ads are run properly they can generate some serious results!

So play about, and at least this way you’re not putting leaflets through people’s Facebook accounts (metaphorically speaking!).

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